Visit Jordan in 5 days: A Complete Guide + Jordan 5-day Itinerary

Visit Jordan in 5 days

Here’s a tour to discover Jordan’s main highlights. Do you only have 5 days available to visit Jordan? Don’t worry, this is the right guide for you! Our suggested trip starts from Amman and ends in Aqaba, but keep in mind that you can also reverse the itinerary sequence as you prefer.

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Is Jordan safe?

This is one of the most asked questions we got before and after our stay in Jordan. We can assure you, during the whole time we spent in the country, we met a lot of kind and helpful people.

We have experienced plenty of adventures during our journey, but every time we had difficulties, there were always locals ready to get us out of trouble. There were never any signs of violence or events that could be potentially dangerous for travellers.

Most of the Jordans we met told us the same thing: tourists who come to our country, in addition to seeing the unique wonders you can find here, come because it is safe, period. And they were completely right.

Visa information

Unless you are on the official list of the countries that don’t require one, you will need to apply for a visa. There are countries that have to apply for a Visa before arriving and some others that can obtain it directly at the airport.
We personally were travelling from Israel so we got informed before and discovered a way to save a lot of money: the Jordan Pass. 

If you stay in Jordan at least 4 days (3 nights), by buying this amazing Pass you will waive the touristic visa fees.

Holding it guarantees you free admission to a large number of historical sites, (Petra, Jerash and the famous Wadi Rum desert are included – check the whole list at this link and the fast-pass to every one of them. 
PRO TIP: buy the Jordan Pass in advance, you will receive it via e-mail and you will be able to print it at home!

There are three different passes: 

1 day in Petra70 JOD ( $99 USD )
2 days in Petra 75 JOD ( $106 USD )
3 days in Petra 80 JOD ( $113 USD )

Example of how your Jordan Pass will look like:

Best time to visit

The best seasons to travel to this spectacular country are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to October). In particular, its fauna, along with flora, are the best during those times. In addition to that, these are the best time to discover all of the natural reserves that the famous valley has to offer.

Visit Jordan in 5 days: Our itinerary

Day one: Jerash, Amman and Mount Nebo

MORNING: Welcome to Jordan! As soon as you land at Queen Alia Airport, be ready to collect your rental car. In order to avoid exorbitant rates, we highly suggest you book your vehicle in advance. Be aware that in specific cases, an international drivers license could be required (to learn more about that, please read the rental terms/conditions).

In the early morning, get ready to reach Jerash. This incredible sight is located 48 km away from Amman, which means you will have to drive for about an hour. Here you will find the world’s largest and best-preserved Roman architecture sites aside from Italy.

AFTERNOON: In the afternoon, get back to Jordan’s capital. A definite must-see place is the famous Citadel, which along with being an important historical site, guarantees an amazing view over the entire city (tip: keep in mind to have available at least 1-2 hours to stroll around).

In addition, if you have spare time, there are other local sights such as the Rainbow Street and the impressive Roman Theater.

You feeling hungry and looking for a quick and local snack? Then go for Falafel, a mouthwatering chickpea-based favourite.

These little vegan balls are mostly served in a different kind of bread and you can add plenty of other ingredients. From lettuce to tomatoes, pickles to onions, hot to mild sauces, you can make yourself a delicious and budget-friendly option you won’t forget.

After the foodie excursions, drive toward Mount Nebo, where you will witness landscapes that only this part of Jordan offers; the WOW and “speechless mode” is guaranteed.

Mount Nebo, Jordan, Visit Jordan in 5 days

Mount Nebo


Unfortunately, we experienced that Mount Nebo isn’t included in the Jordan Pass, but hey, no worries, there are infinite alternatives. You just need to pass the spot where everybody else stops (and pays; they will be on the right side of the road) and after a couple of curves, on your left side, you will find a large panoramic viewpoint (exact coordinates: 31°46’08.6″N 35°43’24.1″E).

Park there, be sure that your handbrake is ON, and enjoy! Just an FYI, because it is a bit exposed, it could be a little windy. If you’re wearing a skirt this condition will allow you to shoot pretty original shots.

After a rather short rest, your last destination for the day is gonna be the Dead Sea. If you plan to visit Jordan in only 5 days you will probably be a little exhausted at the end of the day. Here, however, your hotel crew will wait for your arrival; be ready to see one of the world’s most incredible places.

Our tip, just before sunset, is to head to the beach with an interesting newspaper and experience the weirdest yet most exciting bath of your life. Doesn’t matter your position or weight, you will keep floating all the time.

Day two: the Dead Sea and Petra by Night

We guess that if you’re reading this diary, you are also probably looking for information related to how to find the famous, massive salt formations that are everywhere on the internet. Not only can we assure you that they exist, but also will show how to find them:

If you want to explore other similar places without sticking to our location, you can search for the desired area in google maps/satellite option and zoom until you see a rather white coast as in this example.

Good luck!

IMPORTANT: be careful because almost all of the salt formations you have seen online are located in uncontrolled areas. This means that they aren’t part of any resorts/hotels. Keep in mind that the water of the Dead Sea is extremely salty and we strongly recommend bringing some fresh water with you. It’s very important to wash after the bath. Otherwise, your skin will get very dry and dehydrated (which could lead to unpleasant irritations). Other precautions to follow are swimming at your own risk, no pushing, no running, no jumping and no diving.

After the adrenaline-packed salt formations exploration, in the early afternoon drive to Wadi Musa (it will take around 2,5 hours), home of Petra’s city. Suddenly, leave the luggage at your stay/hotel and prepare yourself for the magic of the Petra by Night show.

Day three and four (morning): Petra

Even though you only have 5 days to visit Jordan, Petra deserves at least one full day. However, even with such a tight timetable, we suggest you consider another half day here. You really need it in order to discover the site and enjoy its surreal atmosphere without rushing too much.

To avoid the massive crowd you would encounter during regular business times, wake up early in the morning and be ready to enter the archaeological site at 6 AM. Once sure to be in pole position at the entrance, when the “light turns green” (gate opening), be ready to run.

This will allow you to be all alone in front of one of the 7 world wonders. In our modest opinion, definitely worth the extra workout.

The Treasury, Visit Petra in 5 days
The Treasury


Equipment: be sure to bring with you a proper walk/hiking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a good reserve of water. Keep in mind that depending on the season, temperatures could be different and pretty low in the morning/evening.

For your full day, we suggest you go for the main trail (red marked path). It starts from the entry gate and it will lead you to the treasury and last stop will be the Monastery. The roundtrip walking distance is around 8KM, which means that you will need about 3,5 to 4 hours.

How to visit Jordan in 5 days, Petra Siq
Petra Siq

Take it easy, enjoy every corner this UNESCO world heritage site has to offer.

Discover Petra

On your way to the Monastery, you will pass the famous Siq, the Street of Facades, the Theatre, the Nymphaeum and the Colonnaded Street. On your way back, if you’re looking for a scenic path, you can also choose to extend your route and, once arrived at Qasr al-Bint, take the Wadi Al Farasa way (thin orange marked path), which will take you between the Theatre and the Treasury.

Petra Map, visit Jordan in 5 days

The remaining half-day is intended to be spent for discovering the best spots around the Treasury. There are plenty of alternatives, from short to the longest ones.

The Monastery, Petra, visit Jordan in 5 days
The Monastery

The closest and most characteristic viewpoint is without any doubt the one that overlooks from the right side the famous site.

Once in front of the magnificent Jewel, you just have to turn right; you will see a stone staircase going up (about 5 minutes) and when at the destination, you’ll see locals selling tea.
In exchange for it, you can take a stunning pic sitting on a typical carpet.

The Treasury, Petra, Jordan

If you have some energy left, one of the trails that will take you literally above the Treasury is the Al-Madras Trail (blue marked path). It’s a 1,5 km roundtrip and its duration is approximately 1,5 hours.

Day four – afternoon: Wadi Rum

In the afternoon of day 4, pack all of your belongings, it’s time to reach the Wadi Rum desert (consider a 1,45 hours drive to arrive at the Wadi Rum Village, where you will park your car and will be picked up from your tour organizer/hotel staff).

You can choose from a wide range of accommodations, depending on your needs.

Where to stay in Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel

One of the most luxury resorts in the Wadi Rum Desert. Spend a night under the stars without saying no to all the comforts.
Check it out.

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel, Jordan in 5 days

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel

Another resort from Luxotel. Have you ever slept in a bubble under thousands of stars? Stay here for a lifetime experience!
Check it out.

Sharah Luxury Camp

This resort offers a great location and it has some of the best reviews on Booking among luxury resorts in Wadi Rum.
Check it out.


Hasan Zawaideh Camp

Set among the red dunes of Wadi Rum, Hasan Zawaideh Camp offers private and shared Bedouin-style tents under $100 USD.
Check it out.

Jamal Rum Desert

Set in Wadi Rum in the Aqaba Governorate region, Jamal Rum Desert offers accommodation with free WiFi and buffet breakfast from $43 USD.
Check it out.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is a traditional Bedouin camp run by local Bedouin families who have inhabited the area for over 300 years.
Check it out.

As you can see there are a few luxury options, as the well known Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel, or much budget-oriented alternatives (as the one we booked).

In fact, there is a crazy number of cheap yet typical Bedouin camps to go for.

Considering that if you visit Jordan in 5 days you will only have one night in Wadi Rum, be sure to check in at least with 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance before the sun goes down.

This will allow you to find the perfect spot from where taking a perfect pic of it.

Arabian Nights, Visit Jordan in 5 days
Arabian Nights

What to expect from a typical Bedouin experience? Extremely welcoming locals, delicious food (wide range of vegetables and vegan alternatives, but also meat specialities), hot day and freezing night, lack of water availability and least but not less important, the chance to unplug your connection with the outside world (internet, smartphone).

Day five: Wadi Rum desert

The last of your 5 days to visit Jordan. Take the day to explore the Wadi Rum desert.

You can book a 4WD tour (as we did) or bring a backpack with lots of water, good sunscreen cream and walk around by yourselves.

Wadi Rum 4WD, Visit Petra in 5 days
Wadi Rum Desert 4WD tour

IMPORTANT: get around on your own, but only if you have GPS/maps available.

Depending on your itinerary time-table will be then the time to pick your car and bring it back to Aqaba Airport. 

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