10 Best Instagram Spots in Jaipur, India

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10 Best Instagram Spots in Jaipur

Are you looking for the 10 Best Instagram Spots in Jaipur, India? In this blog post, you will find a tour to discover the best incredible spots in Jaipur, including some tips on how to get there and when to go for the perfect shot!

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Jaipur, the Pink City, is one of the most photogenic cities of Rajasthan. It is packed with Instagram worthy locations that will not only inspire your creativity but set the scene for the perfect photoshoot.

This colourful city was founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II, also known as Sawai Jai Singh in 1727. There is no doubt that Jaipur was a well-designed with its mix of Mughal architecture, religious Indu temples and pink colourful buildings.

10 Best Instagram Spots in Jaipur: Our itinerary – Map

1) Panna Meena ka Kund

The Stepwells are an example of the many types of storage and irrigation tanks that were developed in India.

Even early in the morning, there is a guard present who will let you take photos for 300 Indian Rupees ($4 USD). You get 10 minutes to take your shots. When other tourists are there you can’t walk down the stairs.

How to get there – The stepwell is a 10-minute drive from Amer Fort, easily reachable by Tuk Tuk.

When to go – Also, early morning is best to make sure you can go down the stairs and avoid people.

Instagram spots Jaipur - Panna Meena ka Kund

2) Jagat Shiromani Temple

Jagat Shiromani Temple is located in front of Stepwell and is one of the hidden gems in the heart of Jaipur.

This magnificent structure is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Krishna, and Meera Bai, several Hindu Gods. It is one of the most beautiful Instagram spots in Jaipur.

How to get there – This temple is on the way of Amer Fort to Panna Meena Ka Kund (Stepwell). The best way to reach the temple is to travel by car.

When to go – The best time to visit Jagat Shiromani Ji Temple is early in the morning, before 10 AM. The prayer starts at 11 AM and finishes at noon, so consider that hour as the busiest time here.

We spent about 20 minutes there.

Instagram spots Jaipur - Jagat Shiromani Temple

3) Amber Fort

Jaipur is highly known for its museums, food, monuments, and shopping, but also its forts. Of course, the Amer Fort is one of those must-visit places.

Amber Fort – or Amer Fort – was built to be a defence around the city. The Indian and Mughal blend of architecture is immensely beautiful. In fact, it is said that even the attackers did not want to destroy it.

The entrance fee is 500 INR ($7 USD) per person, and the estimated time inside the fort is around 2-3 hours.

How to go there – Amber Fort is located in Amer, a town roughly 10km outside of Jaipur. It can take up to 30 minutes to get there depending on traffic, so we suggest taking a Tuk Tuk. With luck, your drop off spot will only be a ten-minute walk from the fort.

When to go – The Fort opens at 8 AM, so make sure to be there at least 1 hour before if you want an empty place for the perfect photoshoot!

TIP – Make sure to check out the secret queen balcony. It’s a beautiful room that was built to allow the queen to watch outside without being seen. You can ask the guide to bring you there and let you in.

Please do not support the elephant rides!

These elephants are forced to toil all day hauling tourists, often in dangerous heat.
The visitors were rightfully horrified, but this act of extreme violence is the norm in this area.
Remember: if there is no demand, there is no offer!

4) Royal Gaitor

The complex of Royal Gaitor is a charming little spot in Jaipur. Head here to ditch the crowds and enjoy some quiet and tranquillity. Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan (or Royal Gaitor) is surrounded by lush green hills and beautiful Indian architecture, perfect for meditation.

How to get there – It’s a 20-minute drive outside of the main city centre and only costs 30 INR to enter.

When to go – We went in the early morning but afternoons are also less crowded.

Instagram spots Jaipur - Royal Gaitor

5) City Palace

Jaipur City Palace is located in the centre of Old Jaipur. It was built between 1729 and 1732 and the Royal Family still lives there today! The best way to explore the palace is to hire a guide, especially if you want access to private rooms.

One of the most beautiful parts of the City Palace is the four gates that symbolize the four seasons. Summer, spring, fall and winter are all dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. It’s the perfect place to spend a couple of hours and be immersed in architecture, art, and history.

How to get there – The City Palace is near the Palace of Wind (Hawa Mahal). The easiest way is to take a car to one of the palaces and then walk to the other.

When to go – The City Palace opens at 9.30 until 5 pm. We suggest going in the early morning before 10.30 am to avoid tourist groups.

TIP – You can have access Blue Room of the Royal Palace, Chandra Mahal, by paying an entry fee of 2500 rupees.

Instagram spots Jaipur - City Palace

6. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is known as the Palace of the Winds because of its 953 windows on its façade, allowing air to enter and refresh the interior. Similar to the secret room of the queen in Amer Fort, the window design was also for the royal ladies to observe the daily life and festivals outside without showing herself in public.

The best way to enjoy the view of the Hawa Mahal is from any of the numerous terraces on the opposite side of the road.

How to get there – It’s located in the middle of the pink city, so a Tuk Tuk ride is your best option. Unfortunately, the street in front of the palace is very busy. To save yourself the trouble, head up to one of the cafés across the street to get the picture-perfect view (Wind Cafe Cafe or Tattoo Cafe and Lounge).

When to go – We went there for lunch and the view was pretty amazing. It wasn’t crowded at all, but we suggest going before noon or in the late afternoon for the best light.

7. Patrika Gate

Located just a short distance away from Jaipur International Airport, you can easily fit it into your Jaipur itinerary. The colourful building of Patrika Gate is a masterpiece and a must-see spot in the Pink City.

You will be amazed by the beautiful and intricate details in every corner. We could have walked here for an entire afternoon admiring the stunning beauty of all the details.

How to get there – Patrika Gate is a complex of coloured doors which form the entrance of the Jawahar Circle Garden. Surprisingly, it’s known for being the largest circular park in all of Asia! Not to mention its only a 25-minute tuk-tuk drive from the centre of Jaipur.

When to go – It can be visited at any time of the day, as Patrika Gate is open 24 hours. Normally, it’s not very crowded in the early morning or during lunchtime.

Instagram spots Jaipur - Patrika Gate

8. Nahargarh Fort for that perfect sunset

Nahargarh Fort is one of those perfect Instagram sunset spots in Jaipur. In fact, this Fort has the best aerial views of the entire city.

Nahargarh means the ‘abode of tigers’, hence why there are panthers that prowl the hills around the Fort. We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to get lost in this place, checking out every attraction and restaurant.

How to get there – Nahargarh Fort is pretty far and it’s on the top of Aravalli hill to Amer Fort of Jaipur. It takes about an hour from the city centre. We took a car with a driver, but you can also take a tuk-tuk.

When to go – Make sure you arrive one or even two hours before sunset. This spot is located at the sunset point and the photo was taken from the terrace of the cafe that is there.

Instagram spots Jaipur - Nahargarh Fort

9. The opposite side of Amber Fort

To get the views of Amber Fort from Jaigarh Fort, we climbed up all of the stairs in front of the fort. The views were worth it and there’s not even an entrance fee!

How to get there – Tuk Tuk + a steep climb up so make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. We climbed up the stairs right across from Amer Fort.

When to go – You may want to watch the sunrise from up here, so make sure you arrive here on time.
We recommend getting there at least an hour before sunrise, so you have enough time to climb and set up the shot.

Instagram spots Jaipur - Amber Fort

10. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is built on a Sagar Lake and means Palace on the Water. This Palace is only five floors above water level and in ancient times was a hunting lodge for Maharajas.

How to get there – The most convenient way to visit Jal Mahal is on your way from Amber Fort to Jaipur. In fact, Jal Mahal is located just on the side of the main road. Years ago it was also accessible by boat, but nowadays, due to pollution, it can only be seen from the road.

When to go – To make sure to have the best picture, visit at sunrise or sunset and enjoy the colourful reflections on the water.

Instagram spots Jaipur - Jal Mahal

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